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WATABO is a security tool for testing web applications. It is intended to enable security professionals to perform efficient (semi-automated) web application security audits.

Most important features:
Installation on Windows
If you already have a running ruby installation, you can install watobo via 'gem' Gem Version.
c:\> gem install watobo
This might take some time ...

To start watobo enter
c:\> watobo_gui

This video will show you the full installation, including Ruby, DevKit & watobo.

Note: Other than as stated in the video, you can use any ruby version > 1.9.3
Installation on Kali Linux
WATOBO is included in the official Kali Linux repo. You can install it by
apt-get install watobo

If you run into trouble with the package shipped with your linux distribution, please check for alternative deb-packages at SourceForge
Installation on Linux
The installation process for a Ubuntu based linux is described on our blog: Installing FX/Ruby on (Kali) Linux
How to run WATOBO as a transparent proxyBlog
Using the custom viewerBlog
Using the crawler pluginVideo
Testing CSRF/One-Time-Token protected functionsVideo
Feature Requests/Bug Reports
Please report issues at GitHub.

Make your hands dirty
Code is available at github GitHub.

Spread the word
The most easiest way to help projects like WATOBO is to make it more public. So talk, tweet, mail, write about it!